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D. Pharmacy

About D. Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) is two-year full-time course after XIIth Science with PCB or PCM group. This course also comprises 250 hours practical training of dispensing of medicine in hospitals or approved medical shops. In actual course, the student has to study following subjects theoretically & practically & qualify subsequent examination which is conducted in annual pattern.

  Subjects Theory Practical
D. Pharm I Pharmaceutics-I Yes Yes
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I Yes Yes
Pharmacognosy Yes Yes
Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Yes Yes
Human Anatomy & Physiology Yes Yes
Health Education & Community Pharmacy Yes No
D. Pharm II Pharmaceutics-II Yes Yes
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II Yes Yes
Pharmacology & Toxicology Yes Yes
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Yes No
Drug Store & Business Management Yes No
Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Yes Yes

Apart from course content, students are expected to participate in additional support arranged for them for successful career as Pharmacist. These includes visits to industries/ hospitals; guest lectures on Pharmacovigilance, Community Medicine, Hospital Pharmacy, Inventory control.

On successful completion of course, the students are successfully grab government/private jobs in Hospitals/ Medical stores/Community as a Pharmacist or may enter into own medical shop (Retail/Wholesale sale). Students with excellent score may get admission to under graduate course (Bachelor of Pharmacy, B. Pharm) to enhance career opportunities.

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